I was honoured to present at the The International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives (IACDE) Nordic summit (member brands include H&M, Arket, Tommy Hilfiger, and Fillipa K), on 3D innovation and its future impact on brands and retail.

But when I arrived in Gothenburg Sweden to discover it was being held at atacac‘s uber cool studio/atelier/tech hub/mini-factory (instead of the hotel) I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

Back at Burberry I worked with Jimmy Herdberg, founder of kokokaka who did our amazing 3d digital interactive campaign in 2010

Now Jimmy has teamed with Rickard Lindqvist–whose apparel is a masterpiece of re-imagined technical precision and engineering–to create interactive digital apparel experiences promoting the collection.

Rickard creates in clo3d software and provides all of his patterns free online because it’s all about collaboration at atacac

But that’s not all they are re-engineering.  This team is doing what I’ve been banging on about to global brands and retailers.  Atacac is reinventing the apparel retail business model! 

Atacac sells direct to consumer and makes to order.  And when you buy during the make to order phase, you are given a discounted price off full retail.  Sure they make a few items for inventory but if you wait for that, then you pay a higher price 

I cannot wait for my screw trousers to arrive 

Watch this space!

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