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I am a dynamic, enthusiastic and collaborative Digital Transformation Strategist with 30 years experience in global fashion brands.

As “The Right Brain of IT,” I make decisions that change the face of IT with improved business connectivity through digital innovation that differentiates brands driving momentum and growth.

Projects I’m proud of

From Concept to Consumer.

I’ve been called “the polymath” because I understand the various technologies used to design, develop and manufacture product as well as sell at retail (online and in store) including customer engagement, services and relationship management. I get the process and under how to best leverage the technology.

Here are a few case studies of my work.


The Clienteling Product for Jaeger was implemented as an entirely new CRM system, demonstrating that Proximity Insight delivers all the might of its Salesforce base while being tailored to suit a true retail use case. Core requirements satisfied include being able to link in with all external systems, including POS, Ecommerce, and BI tools; while delivering the look and feel that is imperative for a customer facing retail tool.


MatchesFashion.com is a model for modern retail operations with 25 years experience in luxury fashion, shipping to over 170 countries, and providing 24/7 advice through their dedicated fashion-concierge team, MyStylist. The experience extends online, in London stores, and at No.23, their private-shopping townhouse. They carry an edit of over 400 established and emerging designers from Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Chloé and Isabel Marant to Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Stella McCartney and Max Mara. Now they have rolled out with Proximity Insight across all locations.


Burberry Product Innovation – introduced bleeding edge textile, colour, PLM and 3D technologies to maintain highest design intent to production.


Burberry Runway Made to Order – Provided immediate customer order following runway shows on SAP and Google platforms.


Burberry Events – Introduced interactive, 3D, and hologram technologies that established brand’s image as a digital leader.


Burberry Art of the Trench – A collaborative social media platform allowing customer brand interaction originally launched on Amazon cloud.



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Entrepreneurship World Cup National Finals 2022
Honoured to be a jury member of the Entrepreneurship World Cup an initiative from miskglobalforum.com, tgelf.org, genglobal.org, and monshaat.gov.sa. From renewable energy to satellite antennas to dementia detection to luxury chef experiences to supporting creatives—the innovative use and application of tech was impressive and inspiring. Congratulations to the winners, it was great to be part of the jury again.

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AATCC Review

Fashion Is Still Flirting with Smart Fabrics
Early this year, during Paris Fashion Week, Japanese design house Anrealage debuted color and texture changing clothes for their AW 23/24 collection. Described as “a scientist of fashion,” Kunihiko Morinaga presented his own wearable take on Umwelt (German for ‘environment’ or ‘surround-world’), a 19th-century concept developed by the German philosopher and biologist Jakob Johann Baron von Uexküll, that explores how living beings perceive their environment.

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The Power Of Digital Storytelling
Uncover unique insights from leading industry experts in the world of eCommerce. Discover their tips and strategies to help drive your own digital success and learn about the relationship between digital domination and product data.

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I’ve grown up in global fashion brands. Here’s a look at highlights from my career.

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Get a mobile life

Since 2010 I have worked almost exclusively on my iPhone. I am now taking my mobile life to a place beyond calls, emails, texts, photos, videos, and social media. I hope my anecdotes inspire you to love life through the use of your mobile device!

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Back in January, I had the honour to work with students at Istituto Marangoni London, on Gucci’s transition to Quiet Luxury and how it emerged as the definitive trend of 2023.

What a great, talented bunch these students are - it is always a joy to teach here!

#DigitalFashion #QuietLuxury #fashionandtech #LondonFashion #Gucci
After traveling 5 international airports as a wheelchair user, I am happy to return home in #purplesocks  #celebratediversity #uninternationaldayofpeoplewithdisabilities #purplesockday
On Thursday September 14th, I’ll be on the panel at the the Mills Fabrica Networking Breakfast. My wonderful friend Sennait Ghebreab, Co-Author of “Responsible Fashion Business in Practice - Sustainable Concepts and Cases across the Fashion Industry", will lead the panel.

Our discussion will centre around the book, which takes the reader logically through each part of the authors’ new Responsible 9 Framework™, providing a clear perspective and examples for each component. I am very proud to have contributed to the chapter on People and Corporate Culture! 

To learn more follow the ticket link in my stories. Grab one and come down to enjoy the discussion over some delicious breakfast!
Fashion is still flirting with Smart Fabrics. And I’m here for it!

My latest contribution to the AATCC is now live and I am so excited to share it with you.

Smart Fabrics – materials that respond to outside stimuli like heat, pollution or light – are cropping up more and more in contemporary fashion. Their presence so far has appeared in thought provoking and challenging ways, flirting with fashion and radical functionality.

Discover how Smart Fabrics are actually helping to bridge (or break) the gap between fashion, technology and humanity. I discuss when textiles talk back to tech, looking at Hugh Clarke’s MF70 Anti-Surveillence Suit, Rachele Didero/Cap_able Design’s Adversarial Patterns and much more.

Have a read on the @aatcc_ website or via the link in my bio! 

Image credit: Cap_able Design @capable.design 

#smartfabrics #smartretail #aatcc  #crawfordit #fashionandtech

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