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Entrepreneurship World Cup National Finals 2022
Honoured to be a jury member of the Entrepreneurship World Cup an initiative from,,, and From renewable energy to satellite antennas to dementia detection to luxury chef experiences to supporting creatives—the innovative use and application of tech was impressive and inspiring. Congratulations to the winners, it was great to be part of the jury again.

3D Tech Fest 2022: Building A Brand For Everybody And Any Body

Introducing Differently Enabled
We joined 3D Tech Fest 2022 to introduce Differently Enabled. We are on a mission to make fashion more inclusive for the one billion people globally who live with restricted mobility. Join us to hear our story, and explore the future of adaptive fashion.

Yulan Creative

Catalyst for Change: How will we rebuild the fashion industry?
Now more than ever (as COVID has demonstrated) technology gives us the opportunity to re-invent our industry Join me, Joanne Yulan Jong, Marina Spadafora & Daniela Agnelli as we discuss fashion’s evolution.

Hitachi: Is Retail Broken?

Out with the old and in with the new…
Focusing on the existential question of whether Retail is broken, Hitachi Retail and Hospitality Sector experts discuss the ever changing Retail model that relies on data to deliver new customer experiences.


Fash-Tech, Disrupting Business Models, AI Innovations & Fashion Futures
Sustainability, politics, fashion and technology are not mutually exclusive.


RBTE 2018: The Store of The Future
Editor Caroline Baldwin discusses the future of Retail with me, Anya Hindmarch’s Dan Orteu, and Dune’s Dave Abbott during the London 2018 Retail Business and Technology Expo.


The Future of Fashion: How 3D Software is Impacting Design
Brands including Boden, F&F and Primark joined me, Drapers and Lectra to explore how the technology is impacting fashion design, from making patterns more consistent across teams, to bringing more sustainable practices to fashion.

IACDE World Summit 2017

Disruptive Fashion Tech
Brief reflections on the global Milan Summit.

PI Apparel

Mobile Connectivity
Mobile connectivity is changing today’s business model.

PI Apparel

3D Tech in Fashion
Everything is a lot more instant – I think the word we need to use is accelerate.


Best Webinars of 2018: The Subscription Economy
Feel Unique’s Jim Buckle, Cornerstone’s Oliver Bridge, And Essential Retail’s Caroline Baldwin and I explore the retail opportunity with the new subscription economy.

Athenum Webinar

New Tech Sector Opportunities
Millennials are social and speak digital. Brands need to be digital in order to survive.



The Power Of Digital Storytelling
Uncover unique insights from leading industry experts in the world of eCommerce. Discover their tips and strategies to help drive your own digital success and learn about the relationship between digital domination and product data.


Retail Reawakened – Early Risers
What does retail recovery look like? A futuristic leap towards hightech, zero-touch commerce? Or a return to traditional values? Join us as we explore the trends shaping commerce today. “I really enjoyed being part of this and hope that our insights are helpful in these still uncertain times.”


Why Embracing Agility is Key in the Toughest of Times
It’s fair to say that COVID-19 and the stop-start global economy have wreaked havoc on businesses of all sizes in 2020. As organisations look for new ways of working, new revenue streams and innovative ways of getting back to some form of normal, the question of agility comes into sharpened focus.

Fashion Made: PI Apparel

Making your brand a retailer
The Covid curveball has forced us to re-exam our go to market strategies, to align ourselves with shifting consumer values, and to be agile. Hear from some of the experts about the challenges, successes and base requirements for making your brand a retailer in today’s world.


How To Use Data & Digital Tools To Transform Your Business
Whether data is gathered from web visitors, customer orders or through newsletter sign-ups. Most businesses need specialist expertise to find out what data is actually relevant and what to do with the insights gained from all this newfound data knowledge. Join us as we discuss how to use data to drive brand momentum and growth.


Retail Revolution Webinar
I’m excited to join Rue21, Klarna and b8ta as we discuss the Retail Revolution with Sourcing Journal Founder and President Edward Hertzman.

Fashion Made: PI Apparel

Evolution of Geo-Targeting:Targeting Customers Without Being Creepy
The challenges of embracing new Technology as rapidly as it emerges forces brands to reinvent their behaviours.


The Emotional Experience of Luxury Retail
We buy because we want. Why is an emotional connection with the luxury consumer so important?

Fashion Made: PI Apparel

The Convergence of Experience, Design, and Technology
Hear Harry Allen, Industrial Designer and Co-Founder NYCxDesign, Anne Slowey, former Elle Fashion Director and Industry Thought Leader, and me as we discuss how digital amplifies experience.


Retail Ramble: Mobile & VR
Essential Retail’s Ben Sillitoe, Caroline Baldwin and I discuss the impact of Mobile and VR on retail in this Dec 2016 podcast.


AATCC Review

Fashion Is Still Flirting with Smart Fabrics
Early this year, during Paris Fashion Week, Japanese design house Anrealage debuted color and texture changing clothes for their AW 23/24 collection. Described as “a scientist of fashion,” Kunihiko Morinaga presented his own wearable take on Umwelt (German for ‘environment’ or ‘surround-world’), a 19th-century concept developed by the German philosopher and biologist Jakob Johann Baron von Uexküll, that explores how living beings perceive their environment.
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AATCC Review

What Happens When Our Clothes Talk Back to Us?
What does Google’s April announcement of the closure of their Jacquard project mean about the future of e-textiles? Google’s Jacquard technology (revealed in 2015) embedded touch sensors and haptic feedback into clothing that, when paired with a smartphone, allowed wearers — through gestures on the garments — to perform smartphone activities such as make and receive calls, take photos, or play music.
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A Wake Up Call For Supply Chain Traceability?

AATCC Review: Digitally Born Products
Post-Covid consumer expectations have been the driver of brands to be more forthcoming about the impact of the fashion industry on human, environmental, and animal welfare. To boost authentication, transparency, and sustainability, brands must utilize new technologies to store and share product information.
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Tabbies 2022 Honourable Mention

AATCC Review: The Impact of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on Apparel
Our article Designed By AI: The Impact of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning on Apparel has won an honourable mention in the 2022 Tabbies Awards! Thanks so much to everyone involved!
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Fountain Partnership

Subscriptions. Should You Sign Up?
Should your business be offering them? Read the key takeaways from our roundtable discussion that I had the pleasure of being involved in with ADAMAPP and Fountain Partnership.
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AATCC Feature

Reputation Matters
The world has changed irrevocably. Customers care about what you do and how you do it, now more than ever before.
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AATCC Review

Fit Me – The Right Size for Online Apparel Sales
If there is a silver lining to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, it’s that the resulting increase in online shopping has created a surge of size/fit data.
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Dress Down to Dress Up
COVID19 has changed many things, but has working from home changed forever the way we dress?
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Yulan Creative

Data and technology is the future of sustainable fashion
Joanne Yulan Jong, founder of Yulan Creative and Craig Crawford digital strategy expert, discuss why.
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Rent the Wrong Way: What’s Tech Got to Do With It?
Fashion rentals and subscription models are big digital businesses that are proving to be only as strong as the tech stacks beneath them.
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In Search Of Digital Champions & A Culture Of Transformation
Mobilised customers, changing business culture, and what it takes to succeed in a digital retail world were on the menu as retail, hospitality, business, and tech leaders joined Hitachi for the inaugural Retail Customer Success Group forum.
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Digital Textiles, the Emperor’s New Clothes?
Simulated textiles offer creative and financial opportunities for everyone in the fashion value chain.
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AATCC Review

Is Retail Broken? Will disruptive tech fix it?
As early retail reports on this Christmas begin to trickle in (grim for the UK, cautiously optimistic for the US) I hope my attached article motivates you to embrace technology to transform your business.
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Press What It Takes to Win Over the New Fashion Consumer


What It Takes to Win Over the New Fashion Consumer
Lectra’a unveiling of its industry 4.0 manufacturing technology automates mass production of bespoke product.
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AATCC Review

The Smart Supply Chain: A Digital Revolution
The convergence of technology and consumer demand is radically transforming how we manufacture product.
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Press AATCC eTextiles Evolution

AATCC Review

eTextiles Evolution
When technology and textiles intersect, amazing things happen.
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Press Just Style


How Technology Is Helping To Build Supply Chain Trust
New tools and technologies that help the apparel industry to build smarter, transparent – and more trusted – supply chains were discussed at the IAF World Fashion Convention.
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Mobile, Social, Collaborative

The Reality of Digital Transformation
Lessons learned and the challenges of ongoing digital transformation.
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PI Apparel

Retail is broken!
Retailers know digital is important but most don’t understand how to best utilise it. Digital eco systems are not to be feared but instead embraced.
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Press RBTE 2018


RBTE 2018: Can Retailers Handle The Technology On Offer?
A look at the successes and challenges the London 2018 Retail Business and Technology Expo brought forward.
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AATCC Review

Innovations in 3D
There’s nothing like a 3D “mini me” to make you realise, “Yes, my butt looks big!”
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Essential Retail

RBTE 2017: VR and AR
Virtual reality and augmented reality must have meaning and purpose.
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PI Apparel

Design by Committee
Do we foster collaboration with the tools we give our employees?
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AATCC Review

Hacking the Senses with Wearables
The IOT, mobile, and big data create new collaborations.
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AATCC Review

Mobile Me
What happens when the selfie generation comes to work?
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IBM Commerce

Data-Driven Retail
Meeting customer expectations through cloud, social, mobile and analytics.
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Sourcing Journal

Be More Transparent With Employees
Anything is possible when employees feel empowered.
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Essential Retail

Decisions Made Off The Cuff
How will you communicate with your consumers and your workforce who wear their technology rather than carry it?
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PI Apparel

Change Is Inevitable
Our workforce expects technology at work to be as advanced as that at home.
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Honey Buzz

The Potential of Connected Living
Location technology is the new frontier.
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