The great British summer arrived today and at Proportion’s Emporia event–an exciting collaboration with Blacks Visual –it was Pimm’s o’clock! The installation reappraises what physical retail means now and explores new possibilities in VM presentations–beyond window dressing–returning to curated vignettes that draw us in and encourage us to explore, wander and linger.  “I’m really excited to…
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Future Retail Strategy Conference: Data is Your Friend

What a day, what a conference!                 Delighted to have had the opportunity to share insights on BioMetrics, Big Data, and IOT from Hitachi’s arsenal of global tech, now aimed at improving Retail Operations and Customer Experience. Maureen Hinton provided GlobalData’s insights.  Shell Oil delivered an illuminating insight…
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Synthetic humans

  Interacting with the new synthetic humans on Regent Street London. The billboard advertised the opening of Persona Synthetics “new store” where you can get your own synthetic human, an innovative digital promotion for Channel 4’s upcoming drama, ‘Humans’. To see more of the new persona synths, check out their website:
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