PI Apparel Europe 2024

13th March, 9:40am

I'll be on the Ask The Experts panel on Day 2 of PI Apparel 2024. We'll be discussing Navigating DPC Challenges - join us for an engaging fireside chat as we delve into the intricacies of digital product creation in the fast-evolving landscape of the fashion industry.

My Roundup

Ten years ago I hosted the first PI Apparel conference What an honour to be back to carry on the work we have all been so passionate about over the last decade. 3D digital twins, PLM, artificial intelligence, Data driven merchandising and planning solutions, are rapidly converging to transform our industry from having a negative impact on our environment to one that makes consumers feel confident because there is fashion that they desire that fits and lasts with less harm to the planet.

People collaborating makes things happen!

Conferences like this give us the tools to make collaboration possible.

Roundtable discussions gave brands forums to share and explore synergies – technology enables all contributors to the process (merch, design, technical engineering, vendors for raw materials and finished goods as well as end consumers) to have a voice and a place of equal importance to evolve the fashion industry. We are all on this journey together.