Fashion & Disability Panel

Manchester Art Gallery

24th April, 4:30 pm

I am honoured to be a part of the Fashion & Disability Panel presented by Manchester Fashion Institute and Manchester Art Gallery. I will be sharing the story of Differently Enabled, and how technical mobility in retail can help to make fashion a more inclusive and sustainable industry.

My Roundup

This is the first in a series of three talks, which aim to provide a platform for marginalised communities to communicate a comprehensive understanding and an accessible account of the true lived experiences and links between high-end fashion, race, gender and sexuality, and disability. They will stimulate a heightened cultural awareness about the importance of the Unpicking Couture exhibition in terms of its connectivity to self-identity, self-expression, and creativity. These talks coincide with the Unpicking Couture exhibition that is on display until January 2025 – check it out if you’re in Manchester!

Check back soon for my full roundup and images from the event!