Product Innovation NYC – Moving 3D upstream!

The most exciting thing about the June 2016 Product Innovation Apparel conference in NYCy was the maturity of 3D simulation tools. These are finally finding their place at the beginning of product concept–moving upstream from the consumer end.

Craig Crawford - Product Innovation NYC

Historically these technologies have been used at the end of the product design cycle–used to sell without samples.

Craig Crawford - Product Innovation NYC

But in just a few short months, 3D simulation tech has matured to be easier to use and is, therefore, finding its rightful place at product concept. Why wouldn’t designers and product developers simulate product prototypes BEFORE sample making?

Craig Crawford - Product Innovation NYC

Other exciting showcases included:

-In store Pop-Up Product Customisation tech that lets consumers create one of a kind custom product (think smartphone cases, handbags, t-shirt, water bottles) with an easy and fun to use CAD step-and-repeat software that drives dye sublimation printers to print onto product while the consumer waits.
-Manufacture New York’s incubator that is making Brooklyn the new innovation hub giving Manhattan’s garment centre a run for its money.
-A Mobile PLM platform that is independent of the enterprise PLM mothership. Integration and ingenuity enabling the product and textile design and development teams to be true mobility at work.

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